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LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation

We provides an extensive range of services for homes and commercial locations at reasonable rates.

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  • Is your kitchen sink broken and beyond repair? O else are you planning to replace it? Sinks get damaged definitely since we use them on the daily basis. It might similarly get broken when we unintentionally drop something high-pitched or weighty onto it, initiating damages or bangs in the sink. If the destruction is too severe and difficult to be repaired, you will have to change the whole sink.
  • Occasionally, it is not essential to replace the whole sink. Only changing parts of the sink is adequate to fix the issue. If your cause for replacing is because of leakage outside the sink, where water leaks to the ground producing major destruction, then changing the sink basket must fix the leakage issue. If your sink tirelessly blocks at the sink trap, it might be that the blocks are too persistent or unbearable to get rid of, then changing the sink trap must do the trick.

Expert Services with a History of Excellence

LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation has solved all sorts of plumbing issues in Singapore, however, we are recognized for one thing all over we go outstanding client experiences. With our industry-leading assurances and our steadfast promise to honesty, LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation clients have what most property holders only dream about: serenity about their plumbing.

Need to Fix Your Present Sink or Install a New One? We Can Assist!

Our sinks are important for our day-by-day lives. They help us cook, clean, and gather our waste. In this way, when it’s an ideal opportunity to install another sink or replace a current one, you need to depend on experts who’ll guarantee that your sink installment or repair stands the trial of time. LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation is all set to help you whether your sinks need a redesigned look or require proficient repair to work appropriately.

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No task Is Too Big or Too Small

  • Our Licensed Plumbers Are Prepared for (Almost) Anything

LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation trains the exceptionally trained professionals with a van loaded up with a huge number of parts and apparatuses, so your handyman will want to deal with 90% of your issues in a single visit—no return trips, no rescheduling, no additional time or cash. With straightforward evaluating and a 100% fulfillment assurance, there’s a reason our clients are rarely stressed! We offer a full scope of plumbing services, including installing and replacement. With the LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation, you will get world best services.


This is my 3rd home with a Kraus sink and this one is the best so far. We love the drying rack and cutting board. Also the new drain cover works extremely well. 

David Lim

We are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with our new sink! The purchase process was painless and the team was very helpful in guiding us in choosing the perfect sink for us. S

John See

We purchased this sink to go along with our new granite kitchen counters. We absolutely love this sink, it’s huge and very deep. 

Teddy Yap

Assisting you with Getting the Sink of Your Dreams

In case you need another sink installed in your house, our handymen will show up quickly, look at your space, and help you pick the best sink for your necessities and spending plan. Replacing or installing a sink can be complicated. Neighborhood codes should be regarded, tools are required and electrical information is required when working with waste disposals and water heaters.

Our Plumbers Throw in Everything—Including the Kitchen Sink! 

With regards to sink services, LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation handymen offer the assortment and unwavering quality that you need. Our group of handymen is exceptionally prepared, arrives as expected, and is forward-thinking on the most recent pipes patterns and innovation. Assisting you with tracking down the correct sink is just the initial segment of your main goal. We’ll likewise help you track down the correct spigots and apparatuses to finish your new sink installation or fix it.

Significant Points to consider while choosing another sink to incorporate the accompanying:

It’s not generally an ideal opportunity to replace your sink. In this way, if your sink has anything amiss with it, our handymen are prepared to analyze the issue and give a dependable way out. Our handymen have seen everything and are prepared to assist you with your sink fix needs!

While some sink fixes can be finished at home, it’s essential to realize when to call LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation. We generally prescribe going to our expert group for help since we’ll address the total necessities of your sink rather than simply its apparent issues. Thus, your concern is fixed at its source, so it doesn’t continue later on! If your sink stays obstructed or depletes gradually—even after you’ve utilized a DIY item or strategy—it’s an ideal opportunity to call our handymen. Furthermore, if you notice dampness under or around your sink, it’s an ideal opportunity to reach out to an expert before it harms your counters or cupboard.

It’s not generally an ideal opportunity to replace your sink. In this way, if your sink has anything amiss with it, our handymen are prepared to analyze the issue and give a dependable way out. Our handymen have seen everything and are prepared to assist you with your sink fix needs!

Sink fixes we help with include:

  • Waste disposals
  • Channel fixes
  • Hole fixes
  • Line substitutions

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Proficient Sink Replacement or Installation

Whatever your purposes behind replacing your sink (or parts of your bowl), should you need proficient sink installation, be it installing your kitchen sink or your washroom sink, simply reach us and we will be eager to assist.

We will evaluate the work and give you a free citation. We can supply the sink or you can decide to acquire one yourself. Upon your affirmation, our handyman will be arrived at your doorsteps at your favored date and time to complete the work for you. All our services are very reasonable. LS Kitchen Sink Replacement & Installation will be there to assist you 24/7 so do not hesitate and call us now at 68544972. We will be more than happy to assist you.